Upcoming Talks with our Team

Feb 22 2017

The Fast Forward Labs team will be traveling the world to give talks in March and April! Please join us and let us know if you’d like to meet one-on-one to discuss all things data science and machine learning at these events. You can reach us at to schedule a meeting.

Hilary Mason on the Future of Data and Analytics

Hilary Mason, our CEO and Founder, will be very busy over the next couple of months. You can catch her giving talks on how businesses can make the most of their data at the following events:

Mike Lee Williams on Building Products with Probabilistic Programming

Mike Lee Williams, our Director of Research, is giving two talks on Bayesian inference and probabilistic programming, our latest research topic. You can catch him at:

Micha Gorelick on Products and Prototypes with Keras

Micha Gorelick is giving a talk and an interactive workshop on building a working product with Keras, a high level deep learning framework at QCon London on March 7.

Friederike Schuur on Making Data Science Make Sense in Business

Friederike Schuur, our Researcher and Client Advising Lead, will speak about communication strategies to make data science relevant in businesses at the New York R Conference in New York on April 22

Kathryn Hume on Building AI Products

Finally, Kathryn Hume, our Director of Sales & Marketing, will provide a process enterprises can use to build strong AI products at the TDWI Accelerate Conference in Boston April 3-5. Her recent S4x17 keynote about machine learning and information security is featured below.

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