Flip the Paradigm

Oct 20 2015

Last week, Hilary, Fast Forward Labs founder and CEO, gave the opening keynote at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Houston, TX. Her talk inspired an audience of over 12,000 women to embrace the unimaginable possibilities that will shape the careers of future technologists. Sure, aspiring engineers and data scientists have to endure the angst that they can no longer chart their future by emulating role models from their past. But with this angst comes the excitement of autonomy and confidence, the excitement that women (and men) are responsible to build a future they want to inhabit. 

Jeff Frick, from the technology and innovation show theCUBE, interviewed many leading female technology executives at the conference. His interview with Hilary featured a few key points: 

1) Technology is moving so fast that it is flipping the product development paradigm. Companies used to encounter problems and build products to solve them. Today, new algorithms with incredible capabilities arise at faster than business leaders’ ability to align problems with technologies: in the blink of an eye, tomorrow’s David topples yesterday’s Goliath. Our goal at Fast Forward Labs is to make our clients as smart as we are about their data science and machine learning capabilities. 

2) The best data products are the ones you can use without any awareness of the technology behind them. This is one part user experience/design and one part the deep thought that goes into developing tools that provide value to users while considering the edge cases that may have unintended ethical consequences. 

3) As capabilities become commodities, small startups have new opportunities to innovate with data. The changing economics of the data ecosystem are making it possible for new kinds of startups to emerge, not just those that build web or mobile products, but those that build data products. 

Watch the full video here.

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