May 24 Online Event: Text Summarization

May 12 2016

Please join us May 24 at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST for an online discussion about how recent breakthroughs in deep learning allow us to extract and process meaning from text. This opens up a vast range of applications: summarization, instant translation, semantic search, document clustering, and even speech recognition. We’ll be joined by Agolo, a startup focused on text summarization. You can register here

Making language computable has been a goal of computer science research for decades. Historically, it has been a challenge to merely collect and store data. Today, however, it has become so cheap to store data that we often have the opposite problem. Once data has been collected, it’s now a challenge to meaningfully analyze it.

But new neural network techniques are enabling organizations to get a handle on unstructured text. As Agolo CTO Mohamed AlTantawy puts it: 

Our goal is to mimic the human thought process of contextualizing real-time data. For example, if a human sees a news item about the iPhone, she will immediately identify that with her knowledge about Apple: that Tim Cook is the CEO, that the iPhone is their major product, and so on. We aim to mimic this human process algorithmically, creating what we call an AI analyst — a universally available AI that can write simple summaries from any unstructured data set.

At this event, we’ll explore AlTantawy’s comments as we discuss:

  • why summarization is important now
  • why summarization is a gateway to making language computable
  • what the different technical approaches to summarization are and what the tradeoffs exist between them 
  • how companies are using summarization to research large document collections, identify breaking news, or generate compliance reports from meeting minutes
  • where we think this is headed in the near future

This discussion is appropriate for non-technical business leaders who want to understand the strategic value of summarization and engineers/data scientists who want to learn how the technology works. 

We look forward to hosting you on the 24th! Please send questions to 

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