Hilary Mason at Data Driven NYC

Dec 13 2016 · by

Hilary Mason, Fast Forward Labs Founder & CEO, gave a talk at November’s Data Driven NYC Meetup. Check it out to hear our thoughts on:

  • How innovation works in academia, startups, and large enterprise
  • Why it often makes sense to build, not buy, AI products
  • How to predict that a new AI technology will be impactful
  • Technologies we’re excited about, including demos of our prototypes for natural language generation, deep learning for image analysis, automated text summarization, and, coming soon, probabilistic programming!

The research reports and prototypes Hilary introduces in her talk are a great resource to educate your organization on what’s truly possible in contemporary machine learning. We cover a range of technologies to help our clients make informed choices on which algorithms will work best for their data and problems. Write to us at to learn more!

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