FFL in the Bay Area, Chicago, and DC

Nov 3 2015

We’ve got three events on the horizon. Join us, or contact us with questions if you’d like to learn more but are unable to attend!

Wednesday, November 11 | Mountain View, CA


Hilary Mason will give a keynote at H2O World, where participants discuss how to use machine learning to build intelligent applications. Hilary will explain how Fast Forward Labs helps companies discover and build exciting new products from their existing data assets. 

Tuesday, November 17 | Washington, DC


Mike Williams, the latest addition to the Fast Forward Labs research team, will give a talk about how sentiment analysis algorithms have unavoidable tendencies to pay more attention to men, thereby amplifying their privilege. He’s presenting at the Data Science DC MeetUp at the Pew Research Center.

Wednesday, November 18 | Chicago, IL


Hilary Mason will join Kris Hammond, Chief Scientist at Narrative Science, for a fireside chat explaining how some of the latest “intelligent” or “cognitive” technologies actually work and what practical value they add to businesses. 1871 will host this free session. Learn more and register here

See you there!


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