Two Talks in NYC this Saturday

Jul 11 2016

If you’re a New Yorker looking for something interesting to do Saturday afternoon, Fast Forward Labs will be speaking at two events. 

PyGotham | July 16 | 2:15 pm

Mike Williams on Text Summarization

PyGotham is a conference for the Python developer community. 

Mike’s talk focuses on text summarization: taking some text in and returning a shorter document that contains the same information. Mike will use libraries like scikit-learn and keras, explain how to choose between different approaches, and show working prototypes. 

Summarization provides a concrete example of the latest research on language modeling and neural networks. The algorithms that power it are relevant for text simplification and translation, audio transcription, image captioning and semantic search — and almost any NLP problem involving the meaning of text.

Kathryn Hume on the Ethics of Applying Machine Learning in Law

Legal Hackers is a global movement exploring the intersection of law and technology. 

Kathryn’s talk explores two applications of machine learning for legal tasks: automatic contract generation and automatic text summarization (for eDiscovery, M&A deal room review, depositions, and research). After explaining how systems work and where opportunities lie, Kathryn will review key case law that could hinder adoption, and present strategies to encourage utilization and innovation. The talk will close with ideas on potential updates to the Model Rules for Professional Conduct

Send any questions to We hope to see you this weekend!

- Kathryn

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