Fast Forward Labs Data Leadership Conference

Mar 28 2016

We’re excited to announce the first Fast Forward Labs Data Leadership Conference! Join us April 28 in New York City as we discuss how to build strong data teams in complex organizations. You can register here

In a recent Computerworld article, our CEO & Founder Hilary Mason explained common pitfalls organizations face when trying to build a data-driven organization: they over-invest in technical architecture, hire the wrong people, or lack the leadership focus required to cut across political silos, and foster innovation and change. 

At this half-day event, you’ll see how organizations across several industries successfully hire, structure teams, prioritize projects, operationalize results, and drive excellence for their data capabilities. You’ll also have a chance to network with data leaders from a rich variety of backgrounds and industries. 

The event will feature insights from recognized leaders in the field, including a keynote on building a data culture (Daniel Tunkelang), a panel featuring perspectives from Booz Allen Hamilton, Mashable, and Dstillery, an overview of our research at Fast Forward Labs, and introductions to our favorite machine intelligence startups. 

We’re grateful to Booz Allen Hamilton, our partner in producing this event. Make sure to check out the great work they’re doing in the Data Science Bowl

We look forward to seeing you April 28! Please send questions to

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